Meet The Coach #1 – Division 1 Men – KEITH

‘Sucky’ as he is affectionately called, has been a veteran setter in the men’s honours team for longer than this guy can remember… He’s a stickler for the perfection, which makes him an excellent referee, a intelligent player, and a passable setter.  He is trying his hand in coaching this year, which from where i’m sitting, looks like a great thing!

What is your current involvement with the sport? Coaching Div 1 men, Playing Honours Men & AVL, Partner plays in Div1 women, NSW Volleyball Referees Association Chairman,

Tell us about your history with volleyball. I started playing at 17 years of age, and really have only had 1 year off playing since then.  I started in Collie WA with the Saints (the only team in the town – we had to travel to the next town to play). When I moved to Perth for university I played with Southern Cross Volleyball club (a newly formed club at the time). When we moved to Sydney in 1998 I played with Lane Cove Lightning, and then a brief period with Lions.  I then moved to UTS where I have now played for over 10 years.  I have previously coached teams men’s teams at both Div 1 men level (in both Perth and Sydney) and at AVL level (when my knees were too busted to play) and have even coached Joey’s women’s team – I don’t recommend anyone coaching someone they are involved with though…

What’s the most important factor for improving your game? Persistent quality practice.  It’s all about muscle memory.   I have to believe this.  How else does a 30 something year old nearly 6 foot guy with a barely moderate jump play effectively at Honours and AVL level.

Describe your coaching style.  At my best I would be clear, helpful and inspiring.  Sometimes I’m authoritative, directive, and disciplinary.  The thing I’m most aiming to be for this year is to be encouraging, consistent, and thorough.

What are you priorities for the boys? Improved skills, improved consistency, and heaps of heart (link)

What’s your best achievement in the sport? Winning an AVL Bronze medal is up there, but I was never thrilled by losing the semi that put us in that game.  It’s certainly way better than the AVL game we had last year where we had one of the more substantial chokes in all of volleyball history.

And what about life outside of volleyball? I have 1 beautiful baby (she’s not cute, she’s 2…just ask her), 1 beautiful other half (over 15 years together), 2 adorable puppies, and have been in the Shire 5 years.  I have been working for Tourism Australia for about 11 years now.  Clearly I have issues with commitment.  I blog & tweet & occasionally build infographics for fun. Before I got way too busy I played golf, tennis & baseball.

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