Meet The Coach #3 – Honours Men – MORKY

Morky is another of the veterans of the club, and after holding on to the sport as a libero once hisbody wouldn’t let him jump, he moved into coaching.  He’s a friendly coach with a good sense of humour, who also knows when to put the foot down.  He like golf and cooks a MEAN bbq!
Morky and his wife Deb are two of the main reasons why the club exists, and it wouldn’t be the same without them

What is your current involvement with the sport? UTS Honours Men Coach, UTSSU AVL coach. My wife Deb plays for the Women’s Division 1 team, and is the club treasurer.

Tell us about your history with volleyball. I started playing at Newtown High School in Tassie in mid 80’s,and played through college, club and rep teams in Tassie until ‘95 when I moved to Sydney.  I tried out Supercard, Sydney North, East Sydney, until coming to UTS from 1999-2008.
At the end of 2008 my knees had given up completely but I still wanted to be involved with volleyball, So the options were refereeing or coaching. Everyone hates ref’s, so coaching was the natural choice. So after completing my coaching course I tried to instil some of that “magic” into the men’s SVL and AVL teams from 2008 to the present

What’s the most important factor for improving your game? a) ATTITUDE. b) Getting rid of Gregor (or is the other way around?)

Describe your coaching style.  AWESOME! Firm but soft, strong but weak, amazing but terrible…  I never really thought I would ever become a coach, so still working on a style.

What are you priorities for the boys? Playing as a team, communication and being able to play variuous styles of offence.  I have been quite lucky as a coach that my player base has remained quite constant. This makes it easier to ‘fine tune’ the team and not constatly going over old ground. I want simple things like calling, communicating, cheering, covering and staying low in defence to become second nature to all players. I also want to be able to attack in various ways  eg quick offence, combo hitting, high offence, back row offence etc, so that if we get bogged down by a team playing one way, then we can try something different. I don’t want us to become a boring, predictable team.

What are some of your proud achievements & fond memories? a) in 2006, 2007 & 2008 as a player we won only 3 games under our old coaches. In my first year as coach we only lost 3 games and made it to the grand final
b) being possibly the only player ever to break an arm during an AVL game
c) the Grand Slam of UTS Social comp with Nam
d) falling asleep with my head on the toilet at my first AVL
e) Karaoke in Brisbane (AVL 2008), singing YMCA, and of course doing “summer Lovin’” with Bart
f) Brad Leesong hitting himself in the man-bits in his follow through before ploughing head first into the net pole during a game of SVL
g) Double six packs in a game of AVL ( )

And what about life outside of volleyball? Any interesting facts? I have a wife (Deb) and 2 kids: Wolfie and Bella, and own my own business (Surveyance) since 2003.  I’ve Played volleyball for 23 years & spent about $50,000 on surgeries, physio, chiro, anti inflams, strapping tape etc. etc.
I enjoy karaoke, and “Numb” by Linkin Park was the first song I ever attempted (I was amazing).  Brad Leesong is possibly the worst singer I have ever heard, closely followed by Marc Carroll


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