SVL 2012 – Week 1

The first week of State Volleyball League was on Sunday 17th June out at Olympic Park Homebush.  The UTS teams were all in action and everyone looked great in the new hoodies (including the kids).  Short notes on each team are below. We also had a number of people go to the Recognised Prior Learning Referee Test to qualify for their District Referee Badge.

Honours Men (from Morky)
In a game that excited the crowd (of 3) about as much as a grass-growing competition, UTS came away with a 3:0 victory over KVAA, who after suffering their second straight sets defeat of the day, decided to pull out of Men’s Honours and move down to Division 1. Captain Rob “do you have a wussle” Fleury having had a solid all-round game, had the following comment to make after the victory – “choice Bro!”. 

Honours Women (from Bruna)
Our first game of SVL was a big success and can demonstrate the evolution of our team. We won 3×0 against the Dragons (team that we made semi-finals in Newcastle and lost), in a game well architected by Lionel (coach), who strategically positioned the team in a more aggressive configuration. Although we had several players injured before the start of the season, most of us were able to do the first game and showed a confident and happy volleyball. Great start of competition!!

Division 1 Men (From Keith)
The guys started the season with 2 solid sets on the back of some strong serving and reception. Unfortunately volleyball games are best of 5 sets. So…A disappointing 5 set loss, but many good lessons learnt.  The highlight was a massive 6 pack delivered by James in the first set (way to celebrate prematurely by the way…) but at least we won the point this time.  Solid work all the way through by Gino and James.

Division 1 Men Team 2  (by George)
Our first game was against the Dragons with UTS Veteran Tony Wibowo rejoining the team as libero and taking control of the back court with his experience. Marielle returned as coach and had to battle the joys of coaching a team full of coaches, but her persistence paid off and she managed to take control of the team for a comfortable 3:1 WIN! The 4th set saw Ricky take charge as alternate middle blocker, with some great shutouts and every quick ball hitting the opposition’s floor. After the match, 3 of our players passed the Referee’s Level 1 RPL Exam so we now have 3 District badges amongst us.

Division 1 Women (from Jo)
Our team came up against a much improved Sydney North team in round 1 of SVL. In a very inconsistant game on our part we managed to come back from 2 sets to 1 down and win the match in 5 sets. Highlights included the strong power hitting of Hortense Mamy in her new role as opposite and the strong serving of Bek Gaspersic in the crucial 5th set when the game was up for grabs. Well done girls. A good start to the SVL season.

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