Eastern Uni Games 2012

Nothing like the taste...On the 1st of july UTS sent a team of 7 to take on the contenders at this years Eastern Uni Games. The team consisted of Sam “big chief” Morrison, Igor “the bosnian bear” Mileusnic, James “pimpin” Mcrae, Sunny “GHD” Dhaliwal, Jason “casualty” Laffer, Owen “chicken legs” Hynes and Tommy “two shoes” Lee.

It was a fairly in experienced team with this being the first time playing together and the first game of volleyball owen and tom have played. The tournament was to consist of a double round robin against Cumberland, UNSW 1 and UNSW 2.

We made it through the preliminary undefeated. We only dropped 3 sets, 2 of which were due to a change of line up and expert setting from sam and igor. Our semifinal was to be against Cumberland. After a shaky and freezing 8am start we easily overcame cumbo to enter the final against UNSW 1.

During the preliminary rounds we had 2 hard games against UNSW 1 and were all keen for a tough game in the final. With some big hitting and even bigger blocking we easily defeated UNSW 1 in 4 sets to bring home the gold.

UTS also brought home the overall honours by 5 gold medals (read all about that here)

I would like to thank all the boys for a great week, especially owen and tommy who made it possible for us to go by filling numbers. They showed great improvement over a short time.

We now look forward to the Australian Uni Games in September.


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