SVL Week 10

The last round of SVL on 2nd September saw an extra spring in everyone’s step (Yes…Corny. I know.) Some big games over the weekend impacting how teams would be placed in semis. Congrats to all those that made finals.

Mens Honours (to come)

Womens Honours (to come)

Mens Div 1 Team 1 (to come)

Mens Div 1 Team 2 (by Tony)
When we went into the stadium it was all sea of UTS & BHV colours playing against each other, Div 1 men is no exception,… It is the first time, all season, that we have had all of our 11 players as well as our on-court Coach, Marielle. We started with 9 players on week 1 and our full squad grew to 11 players by week 2. Rick is injured so he came for moral support with a cuppa and hangover! Also, we had Luke who had not slept since Friday, as he’s been out all weekend catching bad guys, came in as our ‘super-sub after he downed six packs of red bulls, for this important match as there are 3 teams vying the 2 remaining semi-final spots in Div 1, with UNSW and BHV K already qualified after week 7. Everyone were playing very well and contributing to our 3-0 win, as we were excited to have options for each positions with Lucas had a few rotations as our setter since Michael will be unavailable for the Semi-final game. We finish the round robin with 7 wins and in 3rd rank/position to make it into the semi-final berth against BHV K. I would like to thank everyone for their commitment and punctuality. Special thanks to George who’s been our team captain, reporter and nominated 1st badge Ref throughout the tournament; George is also the only player who played in all of our 10 games, and he played superbly in every single one of them, he also helped me manage the team with dedication. As a last note, after watching Artem played with UTS Honours team to defeat Vostok in similar fashion to the Russian team defeated Brazil in the London Olympic, we all look forward to the finals weeks and to end the 2012 SVL season on a high.

Womens Div 1 (to come)

Womens Div 1 UTSSS (to come)

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