SVL Grand Finals to Come

SVL Grand Finals are now only a very short time away. Match reports from semis will be put below when we have them, but we know the Mens Honours team and UTS United team are both in the Gold Medal games – playing at 12pm and 2pm. The Mens 1 Team 2 are in the Bronze medal game, as are the UTS SS Womens 1 team – both playing at 2pm. Three of  the junior UTS SS teams also made Gold and Bronze medal games in their division. Best of luck to everyone involved.

Semi Final Match Reports (to come)

Mens Div 1 Team 2 (by George)
After finishing the 10 week regular round robin competition in 3rd place, we played off against BHV Khalsa in the 1st Semi-Final. We started off on fire taking the first set 25:20 much to the surprise of Khalsa, and followed up with another one-sided affair in the 2nd set winning 25:18. The 3rd set was a complete turnaround with a lot of errors on our part allowing Khalsa to win 25:20, and in the fourth we just couldn’t regroup whilst our opposition seemed to dominate across all areas of play to take the set 25:18 to level the set scores. The 5th set was a tough ask for us as we just couldn’t stop the momentum of Khalsa who led at the changeover and continued their great form to win the fifth set 15:7, and take out the win overall. The match was very disappointing to us all and the loss means we now will play off for the Bronze Medal against BHV Brumbies next week. Its always tough to loose a match when you are 2 sets up, but hopefully we will take some lessons away heading into our final match of the competition. Semi-Final Result: BHV-K def UTS2 3:2 (M1 Gold Medal Match: BHV-K v UNSW)


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