Men’s Australian Volleyball League Starts

The first games of the Men’s Australia Volleyball League (AVL) start this weekend, the 6-7 October. The 2 Canberra teams, the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and Canberra Heat teams will make their way to Sydney for a game each against the NSW and UTSSU teams.

Check out the AVL Facebook page for updates of other games going on around Australia.

The schedule for this weekend in Sydney is:
– Saturday 1pm NSW v Heat
– Saturday 5pm UTSSU v AIS
– Sunday 9am NSW v AIS
– Sunday 1pm UTSSU v Heat
All games will be played at the UTS gym at the Broadway campus.

You can find information for parking at UTS here, or you could park at the nearby Broadway shopping centre (first 3hrs free).

The UTSSU team list for the first 2 games is:
Keith Suckling
Marc Carroll
John Harding
Stuart Maycock
Artem Ipatyev
Jeff Skinner
Michael Coffey
Ben Lalic
Sam Morrison
Aymeric Jonstomp
Virgil Robinson
Rob Fleury

Take a gander at the MAVL Sydney Oct6-7 2012 Round 1 Program to check out the other teams.

Hope we see you there!!!

The draw for other upcoming games can be found here.

3 Responses to Men’s Australian Volleyball League Starts

  1. nami13 says:

    Good luck today boys! Will be following your progress from Thailand.

  2. Bart says:

    Did i read correctly? Marc Carroll making AVL comeback number 2?!

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