The 2013 Board has been Elected

The UTS AGM was held at Deb & Morky’s on Sunday 20th January. The Board was elected and some frighteningly social looking grass volleyball was played.

AGM Antics
Wolfie showing the Div1 boys how it’s done

The Board for 2013 will be:
President: Nam Pham
Vice President: Sam Morrison
Secretary: Jo Kelly
Treasurer: Deb Chung
Social Competition Coordinator: Gregor Salvin
Events (Social) Coordinators: Clara Loth
Communications: Keith Suckling
Board Members Without Portfolio: James McRae, Dave Boettiger

Both the Events and Communications positions have subcommittees but if you want to get involved and help out then please get in touch.

Tuesday 29th of January at Maroubra will be the first pre-season sand session.  This will include some bonding over our different levels of fitness, followed by some beach volleyball.  And likely some hydration afterwards.

Trial dates as well as the Coaching workshop were discussed and will be confirmed soon.  There were 7 coaching nominations received and these will also be discussed at the first meeting of new Board.

The Events sub committee is straight to work and has set up an event for Australia Day on Saturday, January 26th. Be sure to RSVP to Clara.




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