Great Southern Land

The 2013 UTS Volleyball Australia Day BBQ, cricket and grass volleyball get together was held on 26th January, with about 30 club members and significant others dropping in during the day.

We had a beautiful hot day for the event with lots of sunshine, some outstandingly well cooked sausages, music, numerous ice filled eskys to keep our drinks and foodstuffs cold, plenty of blankets and camp chairs for everyone to lounge around on, as well as a small marquee to throw some shade.

Gregor bowling on Australia dayThe guys and girls, and even the kids (just try and stop Wolfie!) all got into some cricket at various points through the day.  Our Russian dynamo Artem provided real proof that even with great physical talents, cricket really isn’t part of life everywhere in the world.  Thankfully, the standard was not so high as to make this noticeable. Our Scotsman’s unique bowling style even found a way through someone’s defenses at one point – talk about embarrassing.

Some BBQ sausages on bread with sauce for lunch was followed by some serious grass volleyball. The combination of 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4 and 6vs6 played through the day showed us all just how long ago most of us touched a volleyball. The style was there for all to see though. You only have to look at Nam’s preparation to play defense below.

Aus Day Vball 2013

Some more cricket and volleyball, and even some frisbee, leftover sausages and plenty of cold fluids finished off a great day for all.

Thanks to the social committee for their work on this one and to everyone who turned up.

The next event is loosely scheduled for 23rd March. Keep your eyes on the Facebook group to find out more.


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