Sydney Volleyball League 2013 – Week 2

Week 2 of SVL was held on 23 June – a cold and rainy day outside…but inside the Homebush Sports Halls, the volleyball warmed our hearts.

Div 1 White in Action

Div 1 White in Action

Mens Honours White (from Rob)
In Game 2, the whites came up against the defensive specialists Eagles. As an intimidatory move, the Eagles brought out their coach – Korean volleyball legend “Mr Cho” – to start the game. After banging some meter balls in warm up, Mr Cho came out in the first set all guns blazing. Unfortunately for him though, most guns were blazing directly into the big blocks of Alex, James, Kiel and controversial new recruit, Nathan “Joe’s favourite” Lovett. Overall, the form of the whites was patchy, at times struggling to put the ball away against the gritty defence of the Eagles. Mix that with enough service errors to keep a statistician occupied for hours and the whites found themselves dropping a set. This caused coach Morky to threaten to strangle each of his players if they didn’t start playing better, before kicking a bucket full of substitution paddles and storming out of the gym, never to return… Either that, or he left for no apparent reason and was replaced in the coaches corner by a bald flamingo… Whichever, the white team came away with a 3-1 win.

Womens Div1 (from Gabes) – UTS div 1 black win again Sydney North in 4 sets!!
After a 9am duty in the freezing cold UTS hit the court to take on Sydney North. It was a slow start by both teams (and even the scorer) as after the first 6 points the score sheet was completely messed up. The beginning of the set was point for point however we managed to break the lead. Sydney North caught up but with some strong and consistent hitting from Steffi, we ended up finishing off the set.
The second set was won by Sydney North. At one point during the set we had the lead however an injury timeout was called and we managed to find ourselves trying to fight back, which was too late in the end.
Going into the 3rd set we needed to make sure that we stayed warm and that our bench were ready to play. With way to many missed serves (from both teams) we managed to play some good defence and get our middles involved. Our captain Clara played very consistently both in back and front court contributing to us taking out the set.
The 4th and final set saw us down after a good run of serves by Sydney North. Deb called a time out to put the server off and from then on we managed to not only fight back but win the set convincingly. Any defensive touch on the ball we managed to turn into kills!
Overall it was a great game however I definitely believe that we could have won in 3 sets if Claire Walker was not hungover, actually made it to the game and didn’t use the excuse that ‘her parents were at church so they could give her a lift’.

Womens Div 2 (from Byony)
The Div.2 girls were on fire on the weekend! Even with an injured libero, they managed to beat the Eagles in 3 sets! The team worked like a well oiled machine and encouraged each other after every point. Swapping setters, with new setter Verena, was a good option for some more practice and created some great points for the game! Coach, Facebook Queen; Deb with the assistance of Jess, gave great pointers during the game which motivated all players to get every ball and try different things in the game to throw the over team, to keep them playing our game. Coaches in the second and third sets to focus on the setters getting it to the middles more often so use those sting hitters which benefited the team. Claire managed to stay out of the splits, there were no more further injuries, Gaby didn’t say something stupid and Claudia spoke mainly english, you could say it was a great game for all involved!

Mens Div 1 White (from George)
UTS Div 1 Men White v Eagles 1
With both of our 2 setters Michael and Aaron out with similar shoulder injuries, we had Nam Pham stand-in as guest setter again. Lucas Giminez returned from his business trip to re-join our team and was a welcome addition, providing some real fire-power at the net. Luca (our Italian Import) again was ruthless as our key middle and dominant throughout the game. Andy played another solid game from outside, whilst Willis showed us how versatile he can be as Universal and was able to put away a lot of balls from position 2, and/or act as setter when needed. Tony played a great game as libero and delivered some solid passing again. Special thanks to Aaron who although injured, still joined the team as sideline coach and offered some great advice to the team. Another good victory, and a great start to SVL so far for the team.
Result: UTS Div 1 Men White defeated Eagles 1, Set Scores: 25:18, 25:11, 21:25, 25:13.


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