Women’s Honours Half of SVL 2013 Update

The Women’s Honours have had a promising start to the season, winning 3 of 5 in the first round robin. The Cedars and Manly proved to be unsuccessful challenges however in the words of coach Nam, “Dragons slayed, lions tamed and whales were culled”, we beat Hills, Sydney Uni and UNSW. Beginning the second round robin, we were again unsuccessful in beating the Sydney Cedars which was frustrating in considering our high intensity training sessions. Losing 3-0, it was not our best game. Bringing the internationals in, Summer has come all the way from America to join the team and has been a great addition! Whilst poor Lily is out for a couple of weeks due to injury. Despite some setbacks we will continue to work on our game, bringing our skills from training into game play. We are continuing to push the ball to the net to run quick attacks which has been a great improvement. However being such a tight team off court, it is a comparatively quiet game so we must work on our talk and motivation on court as well as a desire to win!


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