Week 7 – SVL 2013

11th August  was week 7 of SVL 2013 and a key week for MH with the end of round robin games and the split into top & bottom 4.   There was also the long awaited Black vs White game…

There were plenty of other interesting games as well though…

(For the record the Men’s Honours Black team won the game against the White team 3:0)


Womens Division 1 Update (from Claire)
Sunday the 11th was quite a ‘thrilling’ day for our Division one UTS girls. With Illawara only bringing 5 players to the court after the first whistle blew gave us the option to forfeit. Only seconds later there sixth player came to the court and it the team decided to go ahead with the game and win it the proper way!
The first set the team started strong…which is different as it usually takes a while. Although our next two sets weren’t as strong and our passing/communication efforts as a whole dropped, both setters really made the effort to get to every ball and their sets were awesome! Serving was also fairly positive, especially Jo not even giving Illawara a chance to get the ball back over the net over for about 6/7 points. Our team ended up winning 3-0 quite convincingly. It was quite a cruisey game but everyone was happy that we beat them fair and square!



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