Week 8 – SVL 2013

18th August 2013…week 8 of Sydney Volleyball League. Only 2 weeks to go before finals.


Womens Div 2 (from Verena)
It was a wonderful winter Sunday on which the whole division 2 team showed up in time at the Olympic Park (;-)). The big squad this week was happy to welcome back healed Dani (super-libero) and to be supported by secret weapon Clara.
Being warmed up easily at these high temperatures, the team had a good start in the first set against the eagles. Lou showed brilliant setting which led to good spikes at the beginning. During the mid of the game however, the team lost a bit rhythm and struggled especially in the defence. At this point, everyone was happy that Clara was playing for div 2 this week. Her consistent save serving (also at times at some upper body parts of the opponents) brought the team back into the game. Back on track a group effort resulted in winning the first set with 25:22.
The second set was quicker and due to a good routine the team was able to demonstrate its dominance. We could see some great setting (Lou) and amazing spiking from our player of the day, master-middle Bryony. Not just A’s and B’s and C’s, but also some great slides were successfully hit to the opponent who just could not cope with such wonderful playing. Weakened by this attack, the eagles were even more struggling as our Italian Clooodia started serving some great stuff and Clara showed some nice cross spiking.
The third set started without Lou, but with Verena as setter, who maybe did not have her best day on Sunday (not sure whether this had something to do with her night activities this weekend ;-)). The team seemed out of their routine and lost a few of points due to misunderstandings between defenders and between the setter and attackers. Fallen behind a few points, coach Deb subbed Lou back in the game which brought more composure and led to the team being able to show again their superiority. A tight finish (20:20 at one point) was straining every nerves of the players + coach and it was due to great serving and keeping their cool that the team won the third set and thus the game in 3:0.




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