SVL Week 9

The 25th Of August seems a long time ago and everyone is looking forward to finals and AVL right now.

…but when you get a match report. you should always put it up on the website.


Division 1 Women vs UTS Santa Sabina (from Clara)
Although the team was expecting a fairly easy match, we did not want to underestimate the youngsters trained under our President Nam Pham. We went into the match wanting to win in 3 sets to secure our second place finish on the ladder, putting us straight into the semi finals. We started out very strong with some great tough serving, making it hard for the juniors to get a good attack back. We had some very strong serve receive and defensive work from Monica the libero, which allowed Joey to set some great sets to our middles, outsides and opposites. For Gabes and Claire, this was their old school team so they especially wanted to show them up. Gabes smashed a few hard hits at the girls, which they just could not return and Claire consistently hit well placed hits into the gaps. Also in this match was the return of Nat, who had injured her ankle many weeks ago at training. She was straight back into it hitting some great middle hits, along with our other fairly new passer/hitter Celine hitting some great outside balls. Overall the girls did really well and kept strong throughout the entire match.




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