SVL Grand Finals This Sunday

The Sydney Volleyball League Grand finals will be on Sunday the 21st September 2013 out at Homebush Sports Halls.

It promises to be a huge weekend for UTS.  Lots of UTS teams that made it into the Gold medal game including the Mens Honours, Mens Division 1, Women’s Division 1 and Women’s Division 2, as well as in the Under 19 Girls. The Women’s Honours team will be playing for Bronze, as well as the Under 16 Girls & Under 19 Girls.
…so get out there and support your fellow club mates!


Semi Finals Report – Women’s Division 1 (From Natalia)
Last weekend our team had overall a very good game. We performed as a team during the whole match getting together and supporting each other. There was a number of smart plays such as sudden tips and free ball combos, giving our universal players unrestricted space on the net to score more balls. In particular, Claire Walker had a number of great scores, cutting it very sharp across the court, as well as Clara Loth. Gabes had some nice and strong hits during the game. The middle hitters were up on the net and landed many successful A’s. Overall play on the net was good. Our middles, Berg in particular, blocked a lot of the opposition attacks successfully. Both teams scrambled a lot. Thanks to our libero Gemma for great defence and very good passing. Not to mention, Natalia made an amazing save off the dividing net, when she thought she was almost going to roll her other ankle. Ornella performed well in defence and attack, considering she was off training for a while. Setters did really well, getting there and picking up all the bad passes, as well as setting really good balls for our hitters. Our serving was 50/50 – a lot of mistakes overall, however Joe, Gabes, Natalia and Cat had served over 5 times in a row, which was great and helped the team to get ahead in the first set and catch up in the second with the opponents. The strength and targeting of our serving clearly has improved over the season. This game was a good indicator of our team’s preparedness for the finals reflecting the need to improve in serving, communication and attack. The first set showed how strong and determined to win the team is. In the second set the opponent picked up the pace, however still let us take the opportunity and win. In the third set our team relaxed a bit too early and had a lot of pressure at the end of the set, which however we managed to handle well and finish the game 3-0. The outcome of the game means that our team goes ahead and competes with UNSW for the gold this week.


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