And the award for “Best Blocker” goes to… Nikki

nikki1Congratulations to Nikki Laird for receiving the Renault National Beach Volleyball Series Best Blocker Award.

Nikki recaps her Aussie summer season on the beach…

“At the close of our National Tour 2014 we’ve finally had a chance to take a step back and have a look at our season as a whole. Results wise, with three 5th’s, one 1st and one 3rd our season wasn’t as consistent as we were hoping for, however we managed to learn a lot of things about our team and our game over the events bringing a competition maturity to the team that we haven’t had a huge opportunity to grow as of yet. We won important/tough games consistently which gives us a confidence as we look to take the competition to the next level starting with Asian Tour in April and then beginning our world tour campaign in May. I want to thank everyone who has been such a huge support for our team over the season, and especially everyone involved in Volleyball NSW and UTS Volleyball. The support network we felt from back home over the season was a huge driving force for us and we are excited to continue to be involved in a growing community over the next few years!”

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