SVL Week 1 Update

June 1 saw week one of SVL out at Homebush.  A Rotary event made parking a challenge, but the light of cauldron warmed our hearts in the drizzly weather.

Some quick results…

Men’s honours Black won in 5 after being up 2:0.

Men’s Honours White came back from 2:1 down to win the final 2 sets  (40points to 17) and take their match 3:2.

Women’s Honours won in 3:1 after a hiccup in the second set.

Women’s Div 1 had a 3:1 win, after dropping the 3rd set.

Women’s Div 1 Cougars & Cubs had a solid 3:0 win.

Women’s Div 2 had a dominant 3:0 win keeping their opposition below 17 each set.

Men’s div 1 had a bye.

Men’s Div 2 lost 3:1 after levelling 1:1.

The 19men lost 3:1also after levelling at 1:1


Honours Women vs Sydney Uni (from Clara)

After a great finish to the pre-season tournaments, the honours team was keen to bring that fighting spirit into SVL.
We started out the game with a very strong lead, our serves and hit’s keeping them out of the game. Even when the serve was lost, we came back with some great defense and put the ball away, winning the set very convincingly.
In the second set, complacency got the better of us and Sydney uni started to pick up on our attack plays. We had a few lapses in passing and defense, but managed to bring the score back to near level, narrowly losing the second set 25-23.
Third started off very shaky with UTS unable to side out due to some strong, tough serving from Sydney uni. When we finally won the serve back, we answered right back at them with some epic hitting, setting and serving, allowing us to re-gain the lead. We then managed to keep the lead and take out the third set.
By the 4th set, the ladies had well and truly become consistent with their tough serves, keeping Sydney out of the game. Captain Wendy managed to serve for about 50% of the set, the opposition losing all confidence with their passing which lead us to our first victory of SVL.
Well done girls!


Div 1 Women Cougars & Cubs vs Sydney North (from Deb)

UTS Cougars and Cubs started off our 2014 SVL season in fine fashion on Sunday with a straight sets win against a steadily improving Sydney North (SNV) team in the Division 1 women’s competition. With a squad of 10 players, we were only missing our star libero, Dani Rogerson (chasing criminals again!). As I put together the line up, I came to the realization that our 10 players included 5 middle hitters – a very rare, but good ratio!
With Haley Johnson nursing a minor injury, Yoshi Ueda and Nardia Guillaumier came through with solid passing and hitting to help us take out the first set relatively easily. The 2nd set proved to be more difficult with SNV lifting their game and taking an early 5 point lead. No panicking from the Cougars and Cubs (most of us are too old for that) occurred and we clawed our way back with some strong serving to be even at the 16 point mark and then surged forward with some great blocking from Kristen Manchester, Cat Stalmachowski and Jess Reardon who happily got to play universal. Amanda Gigliotti took the court in the middle position for some “training” after a 3 year absence from the game and managed to fit in seamlessly to the team, showing some great work at the net.
Haley Johnson replaced Yoshi Ueda in the 3rd set so that she could leave to assistant coach the Honours Women’s team. Despite some very tight passes from the libero (sorry Joey and Jen!), Joey and Jen managed to get some great jump sets in, drawing the block to give our outsides, Haley and Nardia and our universals, Jess and Amanda some great one on one opportunities that they capitalised on. We managed to take out the 3rd set convincingly to finalise the match 3-0. A great start for the season girls – let’s keep it up!


Div 2 Women (from Yulia)
The division two girls had a successful first game on Sunday 1/6/14. We played well and won in 3 sets. The girls were serving strongly and hitting consistently. Our training sessions definitely helped us win. Thanks Deb and Jess.


Junior Boys (From George & Clara)

Both of our Junior Boys teams started off their inaugural SVL season with much excitement and anticipation. First up was our U19’s Boys with an early 9.00am start against Dragons 2, who were just too strong for us, even though we gave a good fight going down in 4 sets. In our 2nd game our Div 2 Men played against Super Sikhs and although we played a very close game, with lots of great plays, we ended up going down in 4 sets as well.
UTS-U19M def by Dragons 2, 15:25, 25:18, 16:25, 19:25.
UTS-Div2M def by Super Sikhs, 21:25, 25:17, 21:25, 20:25

UTS Junior Boys doing mind warm-ups with Rubik's Cubes at SVL

UTS Junior Boys doing mind warm-ups with Rubik’s Cubes at SVL

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