Canberra World League Road Trip – June 2014

Rather than tell a whole bunch of loosely connected stories that happened from the weekend…
and there are a few…
and many of them we couldn’t put on here anyway…
Instead, please enjoy a collage of pictures from our weekend.

Like any good road trip, it starts with a car ride (good story about the other photos in this series if you know it)


Getting to the hotel to get into our onesies.



We tried to butter up the referee on the way in (it didn’t work)


Listening to the pre-match entertainment – James Blunt!



And he wanted a onesie of his own


But what he really wanted was to be part of the group

James Blunt thrilled the crowd

Then we settled in to watch the matches


Kids and all (way to go Emma…)



And we even had a special guest among us! Current Volleyroo squad member Paul Carroll!



Plus some other international…


Some of us were louder than others during the game (and the singing of the national anthem)


But we were hardly going to be a quiet, sedate, sitting still sort of group of supporters


Some of us really rocked it (Loved the anthem Nam! Very Hendrix)



But the dancing kangaroos was the money shot the TV cameras wanted


We were certainly noticeable in the crowd


And we won! Which means we were always a chance for a photo or 2 with a smiling player. Thanks Thomas Edgar!


He is tall by the way. But he was standing next to some fairly short volleyballers.


Thanks heaps to Deb for organising us all to get down there. We had a great time!


Can’t wait for the Sydney round, coming up on 5th/6th July and then the finals on 11th & 12th July!

See you there!

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