SVL 2014 Week 4 Update

The end of financial year weekend saw week 4  action happening at the Olympic Park Sports Halls.  The anticipation for World League was in the air, so teams were looking for good games ahead of this short break.

In the men…
Honours Men White went down in 5 to Sydney West
Mens Division 1 had a tough double header round, going down 3:0 to UNSW, then going down 3:0 ISCV
Division 2 went down 3:1 to USYD
Junior boys went down 3:0 to SNV

In the women…
Womens Honours beat Dragons in another 5 setter
Womens Div 1 beat Santa Sabina 1 3:1
Cougars & Cubs beat ISCV 3:0
Womens Div 2 beat Endeavour 3:0
Santa Sabina 2 went down 3:1 to UNSW
Santa Sabina 3 beat UNSW2 3:0
Santa Sabina 4 beat SNVE 3:0
Santa Sabina 6 beat SNVS 3:0

Updates provided by teams are below:


Div 1 Women (from Keith)
A nervey start against the young UTS Santa Sabina team saw our girls drop the opening set, and even get ourselves in bit of a hole in the second. A huge rally late in the second, and some tense moments deep into the mid twenties meant scores were leveled at one set all.  Set 3 saw a massive serving run from Natalia which, while entertaining and a way to win a set, didn’t really let us feel like we played that much.  Set 4 was an even affair, but we came out on top to take the match 3:1.
Special thanks to Claire Lu for joining us for the game.

Div 2 Women (from Jali)
Round 4 of SVL was a great team win for the div two girls, we played up to three sets and won each! Ilk joined our team as libero for the first time and sadly to say this was Lisa’s final game with us, she has played remarkable during her time with the team and we thank her so very much. Unfortunately jess was also not here as she was sick, Yulia was doing something else and Ali is still living it up in London.
Deb this week decided to shake things up on the court, Claire had a go at being setter and did a fantastic job and a few other positions got switched around on the court providing solid entertainment! Everyone played great on the court, keeping the team morale up as well as excellent support from the sideline (thanks to Yoshi as well).
We had great defensive plays from Ilk and Kim, Claire also taking to the floor on a few occasions. Lisa brought her A game when it came to serving, the other team had no idea what hit them. Excellent attack from Irene and Marlene, and of course great plays and setting by Claire and Verena switching up different plays using everyone on the court even the back court. Overall it was great team work and effort by everyone! Thanks to deb for your wonderful coaching, everyone is improving excellently! Serving has picked up and the white shirts dominate again!
Results Womens Div 2 UTS against Endeavour
1st set- 25:14
2nd set- 25:12
3rd set- 25:11

Junior Boys (from Clara)

With the two junior teams playing at the same time this week, the 19’s boys had to step up to the challenge. We had a newly appointed setter taking charge of the play making side of the game and other boys playing in positions that they have not played before. Communication and a lack of aggression got the better of us, leading to the boys getting a bit frazzled and we lost the first set.

Set number two we made one change to the line up and wanted to go out there with an eagerness to change our downfalls from the first set. With some good defense, a bit more communication and some missed serves from the other side of the court, the set was point for point, only narrowly losing after losing focus towards the end of the set.

Once again, we changed the line up again to allow the boys to play in a couple of different positions and to share the court time around. Our main focus for this set was to get more aggressive, as we played it very safe in the second set. We had a great start with the boys being strong at the net and holding the serve. Unfortunately a bit of confusion with court positions and not enough communication lead to the team losing the third set.

Even though the boys lost the game, they stepped up and took on the challenge of playing without any support from the more experienced boys and gave North Sydney a run for their money. Well done boys!

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