SVL 2014 Week 5 Update

Only a few teams in action during week 5.

In the men…
MH – UTSB beat Dragons 3:0
M1 – UTS lost 3:2 to SNV
M2 – UTS lost 3:1 to SSSCC

In the women…
W1 – UTSCC lost to MWA 3:1
W1- UTSSS1 beat END 3:1
U16 – UTSSS8 lost 3:0 to UNSW

Thanx to George for some video of the Cougars & Cubs in action this week:



UTS Junior Boys: Div 2 Men (by Clara and George)

This week our Junior Boys U19 Team had a Bye along with many other teams in SVL, but our Div 2 Men had a game vs our good friends Super Sikhs. This week was going to be tough for our players and coaches who had just returned from Nationals in Canberra, and in particular Samuel was sidelined due to a rolled ankle injury. We welcomed a new player this week, Zak from Div 1 Men and he took on the role of libero, whilst Laymond stepped into the role of Outside Hitter and Jarrod filled in as Setter with Willis. We got off to a great start with some very strong attack from our hitters and comfortably won the first set. SS came back strong in the 2nd set and we couldn’t stop them. The 3rd set became a real battle for both teams, with every point past 25 going to the wire, and eventually SS won it 28:26. In the 4th set we again had a close game, going point for point the whole way, with SS taking out the final set by 2 points to close the match. A great match between equal opponents, with both teams on equal total points, so great effort by our boys.

Results: UTS Div 2 Men def by Super Sikhs 3:1, 16:25, 25:20, 28:26, 25:23. (94:94 each)

UTS Div 2 Men vs Super Sikhs in Round 5 SVL 2014

UTS Div 2 Men vs Super Sikhs in Round 5 SVL 2014

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