SVL 2014 Week 6 Update

Week 6 saw most teams back out at Homebush for more games.

In the men…
MH UTSB beat UTSW 3:0
M1 UTS lost 3:0 to SWVK
19M UTS lost 3:1 to SNV

In the women…
WH UTS lost 3:0 to MWVA
W1 UTS lost 3:2 to MWA
W1 UTSCC beat END 3:0
W1 UTSCC beat USYD 3:0
W1 UTSSS1 lost 3:0 to UNSW
W2 UTS beat SNV 3:2
19W UTSSS2 beat SNVE 3:0
19W UTSSS4 lost 3:2 to UNSW2
16W UTSSS5 beat UTSSS8 3:0
16W UTSSS6 beat SNVS 3:0
16W UTSSS7 lost to UNSW 3:0


UTS W1 vs MWA (from Sucky)

Facing up to a Manly team who had beaten the Cougars & Cubs in week 4 was going to be a tough assignment for the Div 1 ladies.  After a sluggish start we eventually went down in the second (just 26:24). And after that promising start we decided to take the game to Manly, playing some good volleyball to win the second and third sets 25:11 and 25:22.  A few too many errors and some good play from the Manly team gave them the fourth set 25:16.  The stage set… we went into the fifth feeling good.  We eventually went down 15:11. A great performance by our group all around. Thanx to Missy for filling in for our travelling setters and great to see Sophie back on court.


UTSCC (Double Header) from Nardia

Whilst Joanne Kelly and Dani Rogerson were off running the Sutho to Surf, the 7 UTS ladies slogged it out against Endeavor… Ha who am I kidding, we crushed them.
However, during those games that are not as challenging we set goals. We were successful in our goals of keeping our consistency, running a few plays and keep our challengers under the score of 10. That actually happened for the three set win.
We saw our team work strengthen and our communication continue to finish the first game in 40 minutes.
A quick break for something to eat and we were back to face Sydney Uni. Dani and Jo arrived, one more puffed than the other. But both triumphant in finishing – well done ladies.
We expected this to be a tougher match and our warm up was fierce. Deb was so keen to play middle that she was running shoots, a’s and b’s like a demon!
The first set flew by quickly with Cat wondering where it all went as she stepped into the front court at 17-2.
The second set, was closer. UTS Cc’s looked like we were quietening down and cooling that storm we had in the first set. But the never say die attitude, complete commitment to hitting the ground out us back in the game with a 6 point catch up and it was tense at 22-22 all with a time out call by Sudney uni.
Quick pep talk, re focus and we won the second 26-24.
Realizing that Sydney uni had picked up there game our third set had to be good! Actually great! Minimal errors, placement and watching the dumps from the crafty opposing setter.
But we were craftier (is that even a word?) the third set whipped past as quick as the first 25-8.
Two wins, consistency at a high level and a great level of communication. Days like that, you just have to love this sport.

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