SVL 2014 Week 7 Update

Week 7 of SVL

In the men…
MH UTSB lost 3:2 to SWV
MH UTSW beat DRAG 3:1
M2 UTS beat EAG 3:0
19M UTS lost 3:0 to SWVK

In the women…
WH UTS beat DRAG 3:1
W1 UTS beat SNV 3:1
W1 UTSCC beat UTSSS1 3:0
19W UTSSS2 beat UTSSS4 3:2
19W UTSSS3 beat SNVE 3:0
16W UTSSS5 beat SNVS 3:1
16W UTSSS6 beat UTSSS8 3:0
16W UTSSS7 lost to UNSW 3:1


UTS W1 vs SNV (from Sucky)

With both setters still away, Claire, Gabes Sophie also away we went into a game against SNV with Verena and Yulia called up for support.  Verena set really well for the group in her first game with us, and some good play on the top of that got us the first and second set.  A few too many errors early in the third set put us behind. In went Yulia at opposite and we started to come back, but not enough and we went down 25:23.  Nat & Niky owned the net for the fourth set and with many good blocks and some good defense turned into attack we won the fourth 25:16.  Solid performance from our ladies here, setting ourselves up mid table with our double header still to come.

U19 Junior Boys (by Clara & George)

Our newly trained setter Khyle is starting to work out his role and playing position on court and producing some great sets, whilst our 2 middles, Joseph and Andy did some great defence blocking out our taller opponents. Dominic, Dion and Hugh have improved significantly as our outside hitters, whilst Ziya is doing a great job learning the role of Universal and middle. Our pocket rocket, Matthew Rennie has been tearing up the backcourt as our super-libero and puts his heart into every play. Its great to see all of the boys putting in the hard yards at training every week and then applying their new learnings in matches at SVL. This week our U19 Juniors faced another tough match against SWV-Khalsa and although our boys have improved their game play, it wasn’t enough to hold out the strength of Khalsa and went down in 3 sets.

Results: UTS U19’s def by SWV-Khalsa 3:0, 25:15, 25:19, 25:23

UTS Juniors supporting our UTS Honours Men
UTS Juniors supporting our UTS Honours Men

Div 2 Men (by Clara & George)

This week we were down some players due to injury and commitments to the Honours Black team. We played against Eagles and managed to put in a solid performance. Willis did a great job as our setter, whilst the return of Joshua (from overseas) was a welcome addition to our team. Our outside hitters Jon and Joshua formed a great attack all game, whilst Hao was unstoppable through his quick middles. Samuel returned to the team after his ankle injury and managed to also hit some great balls through the middle. Laymond kept the back court alive and continued to motivate the whole team as libero, whilst Lynus played a solid game in the Opposite position, showing some great placement in his spiking and winning us some key points. Although Alberto warmed up, he didn’t really show the skills necessary to get onto the court, so we had to bench him for the entire game.

Results: UTS Div 2 Men def Eagles 3:0, 25:13, 27:25, 25:19.

UTS Div 2 Men v Eagles in Round 7 SVL 2014
UTS Div 2 Men v Eagles in Round 7 SVL 2014

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