Big SVL Finals Day Coming Up for UTS!

September 16, 2014

This Sunday 21st September will see a big weekend of Sydney Volleyball League Finals for the UTS Club.  There is a chance for a gold medal in 5 divisions including both the premier divisons, with bronze medal chances for a further 5 teams.

In case you wanted to plan your day…

9am: The Under 19 women UTS Santa Sabina team 2 take on UNSW in the first Gold medal game of the day.  UTS Santa Sabina 3 play SNVD in the Bronze Unde 19 womens game and UTS Santa Sabina 7  play in the Under 16s Bronze game.

10:30: The UTS Santa Sabina 6 Under 16 women take on UNSW in a Gold medal game.   UTS Div 1 women take on Manly for Bronze in the Div 1 women, while UTS Mens Division 2 take on SSSCC in the Mens Division 2 Bronze final.

At around 12 noon the Juniors trophy presentation will occur.

12noon:  The UTS Cougars & Cubs take on Dragons in the Womens Division 1 gold medal game.  Also at that time the UTS Santa Sabina 1 team take on the UTS Division 2 women in the Bronze Medal Div 2 game.

2pm: The Mens Honours Black team take on UNSW in the Mens Honours gold medal final.

3:30pm: The Womens Honours team take on Manly in the gold medal final.  This will be followed by the medal presentation and All Star announcements.

Judging by the intensity on display during the semi finals it is going to be a intense day with lots of great competition and skills on display.

See you out there!

black semi CC Semi WH Semi


Honours Women Semi Final (from Bruna)

After a disappointing loss against the Dragons the previous weekend, our team came back to the court with a new vibrant and competitive attitude, and ready to get the job done in ensuring our position into the Grand Final. After an intense match, the Dragons were defeated in 3 sets. Showing a strong team spirit and committing to a structured and technical volleyball we manage to win the game and enjoy ourselves in probably our best game during this season so far. Great work girls and Nam! And to the Gold medal match here we go!!

SVL2014 Ready for Finals Update

September 6, 2014

Leading into the coming 3 weekends of finals for SVL, lots of the UTS SVL teams find themselves in contention for medals.  A quick summary for each division is below.  Some recent game reports are below that as well.

Honours Men:
UTS Black have finished the season in first place following a tough win against UNSW in the final round game of the season. Black’s semi final opponent will be the winner out of Sydney Uni and UTS White from this coming Sunday.  The White team stormed into contention following a very successful double header on Round 10 where they won both games.

Honours Women:
The Women’s Honours team have their last round game coming up before a a likely semi final encounter against Hills Dragons.  The girls have previously won a 5 setter against this team, as well as a 4 setter, so they should be ready for a game.

Division 1 & 2 Men:
Artem’s Div 1 guys have found themselves in the lower part of the table this year and have been relegated into the Division 2 competition. This has put them up against George’s Division 2 team, which was one of the more exciting and loud games at SVL.  While George’s team has their finals spot locked in, the Div 1 guys will need a good last week to make it into the Division 2  top four.

Division 1 Women:
The Cougars & Cubs and the Division 1 women both have quarter finals this weekend.  The Cougars against SNV and Div 1 against UNSW.  The Cougars will go in confident, having beaten SNV previously, while the Div 1 women will have to step up against a team that has beaten them previously. Wins for both would put them in opposite semi finals.

Division 2 Women:
Deb’s girls have shown great improvement over the year and currently find themselves in second place, just behind the UTS Santa Sabina team that was relegated down from Div 1.  Hopefully they get a chance to meet in the gold medal final.

U19 Men:
The young guys team finds themselves 5th with one week to go. This will get them a quarterfinal, most likely against SNV, and a chance for a semi final.

U19 Women:
Santa Sabina 2 and 4 are in the top half of the ladder and looking forward to their finals, while Santa Sabina 3 is in the Plate.

U16 Women:
Santa Sabina 5 & 6 lead the table in this competition and can hopefully meet in the gold final after successful semi finals.



Honours Women vs UNSW Roundd 12 (from Missy)
The team went into this game keen to come out with a big win! Unfortunately losing the first set, 25-18, we realised this wasn’t going to be an easy game and had to pick up our game! Second set resulted in a win and 3rd had a smashing 25-12! It’s safe to say that was our best set, strong serves along with high and hard hits really threw UNSW out of their game. Fourth set was ridiculously close losing 26-24 yet we redeemed ourselves in the fifth set winning 15-12 (thank god). It was definitely a great feeling winning against UNSW after previously losing to them a few weeks prior. Overall we fought hard for the win, and went home happy chappys!

SVL 2014 Week 8 Update

August 4, 2014

Week 8 of SVL saw byes for the Men’s Honours teams as well a Mens Divs 2 and the U19m….

In the men…
– Div1 lost 3:0 to EAG

In the women…
– Honours beat Manly 3:2
– Div 1 beat ISCV 3:1, then beat USYD 3:1
– UTSSS1 went down 3:0 to MWA
– 19W UTSSS2 won 3:0 against SNVD
– UTSSS3 lost 3:1 to UTSSS4
– UTSSS8 lost 3:0 to UNSW
Cougars & Cubs had a bye

Womens Div 1 (from Sucky)
A double header for us meant we had a busy day… After a slow (or too early… depending on how you look at it) start we came back against ISCV after loosing the first set.  Not great volleyball from us, but a win is a win.
After some quick lunch and a duty, our second game against USYD started much better. Although we dropped the second set, we played some really good volleyball in the 3rd and eventually won the game in 4.
Another couple of important games coming up for us next week with another double header… Good thing we love our volleyball!

Ornella getting it done on the outside

Ornella getting it done on the outside

Women’s Honours (from Anna)
A quick recap of the last few weeks – We played Manly [for the second time in 3 weeks] and lost 3-0, Nam chucked a tanty and was seen storming out of the stadium, an awkward team silence followed and we all went home to wallow in our sadness. – We played Dragons [for the second time in 3 weeks] knowing we had to improve on our previous game. Our blocking significantly improved and Clara played some incredible defence for us to come out with the win 3-1, Nam even stayed for the final team chat!! Arriving at SVL today, no one seems to be able to explain why we are playing Manly for the 3rd time in 5 weeks?? I’m going to fast forward to set #3 as there is not much to be said about the first two, I was always taught by my wise mother “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Down 2 sets, we knew we had to fight to get back into the game. With serve receive improving and finding the connection with the hitters, we began to play much more aggressively and really find the angles around the strong Manly block, with some great swings from Irina from the Outside. Winning set 3, and with some great tough line serving we went on to win the 4th and knew we had the momentum to win the game. Getting a good start in the 5th we concentrating on keeping our defence and block system solid and swinging high and early staying aggressive. Finishing up with a win in 5, it was certainly and impressive turnaround after our shaky start, and proves that we can really be competitive and dominant against the top teams in this division. Happy birthday Wendo and Nammy! Hope the win was a good present from us all


SVL 2014 Week 4 Update

June 29, 2014

The end of financial year weekend saw week 4  action happening at the Olympic Park Sports Halls.  The anticipation for World League was in the air, so teams were looking for good games ahead of this short break.

In the men…
Honours Men White went down in 5 to Sydney West
Mens Division 1 had a tough double header round, going down 3:0 to UNSW, then going down 3:0 ISCV
Division 2 went down 3:1 to USYD
Junior boys went down 3:0 to SNV

In the women…
Womens Honours beat Dragons in another 5 setter
Womens Div 1 beat Santa Sabina 1 3:1
Cougars & Cubs beat ISCV 3:0
Womens Div 2 beat Endeavour 3:0
Santa Sabina 2 went down 3:1 to UNSW
Santa Sabina 3 beat UNSW2 3:0
Santa Sabina 4 beat SNVE 3:0
Santa Sabina 6 beat SNVS 3:0

Updates provided by teams are below:


Div 1 Women (from Keith)
A nervey start against the young UTS Santa Sabina team saw our girls drop the opening set, and even get ourselves in bit of a hole in the second. A huge rally late in the second, and some tense moments deep into the mid twenties meant scores were leveled at one set all.  Set 3 saw a massive serving run from Natalia which, while entertaining and a way to win a set, didn’t really let us feel like we played that much.  Set 4 was an even affair, but we came out on top to take the match 3:1.
Special thanks to Claire Lu for joining us for the game.

Div 2 Women (from Jali)
Round 4 of SVL was a great team win for the div two girls, we played up to three sets and won each! Ilk joined our team as libero for the first time and sadly to say this was Lisa’s final game with us, she has played remarkable during her time with the team and we thank her so very much. Unfortunately jess was also not here as she was sick, Yulia was doing something else and Ali is still living it up in London.
Deb this week decided to shake things up on the court, Claire had a go at being setter and did a fantastic job and a few other positions got switched around on the court providing solid entertainment! Everyone played great on the court, keeping the team morale up as well as excellent support from the sideline (thanks to Yoshi as well).
We had great defensive plays from Ilk and Kim, Claire also taking to the floor on a few occasions. Lisa brought her A game when it came to serving, the other team had no idea what hit them. Excellent attack from Irene and Marlene, and of course great plays and setting by Claire and Verena switching up different plays using everyone on the court even the back court. Overall it was great team work and effort by everyone! Thanks to deb for your wonderful coaching, everyone is improving excellently! Serving has picked up and the white shirts dominate again!
Results Womens Div 2 UTS against Endeavour
1st set- 25:14
2nd set- 25:12
3rd set- 25:11

Junior Boys (from Clara)

With the two junior teams playing at the same time this week, the 19’s boys had to step up to the challenge. We had a newly appointed setter taking charge of the play making side of the game and other boys playing in positions that they have not played before. Communication and a lack of aggression got the better of us, leading to the boys getting a bit frazzled and we lost the first set.

Set number two we made one change to the line up and wanted to go out there with an eagerness to change our downfalls from the first set. With some good defense, a bit more communication and some missed serves from the other side of the court, the set was point for point, only narrowly losing after losing focus towards the end of the set.

Once again, we changed the line up again to allow the boys to play in a couple of different positions and to share the court time around. Our main focus for this set was to get more aggressive, as we played it very safe in the second set. We had a great start with the boys being strong at the net and holding the serve. Unfortunately a bit of confusion with court positions and not enough communication lead to the team losing the third set.

Even though the boys lost the game, they stepped up and took on the challenge of playing without any support from the more experienced boys and gave North Sydney a run for their money. Well done boys!

Canberra World League Road Trip – June 2014

June 19, 2014

Rather than tell a whole bunch of loosely connected stories that happened from the weekend…
and there are a few…
and many of them we couldn’t put on here anyway…
Instead, please enjoy a collage of pictures from our weekend.

Like any good road trip, it starts with a car ride (good story about the other photos in this series if you know it)


Getting to the hotel to get into our onesies.



We tried to butter up the referee on the way in (it didn’t work)


Listening to the pre-match entertainment – James Blunt!



And he wanted a onesie of his own


But what he really wanted was to be part of the group

James Blunt thrilled the crowd

Then we settled in to watch the matches


Kids and all (way to go Emma…)



And we even had a special guest among us! Current Volleyroo squad member Paul Carroll!



Plus some other international…


Some of us were louder than others during the game (and the singing of the national anthem)


But we were hardly going to be a quiet, sedate, sitting still sort of group of supporters


Some of us really rocked it (Loved the anthem Nam! Very Hendrix)



But the dancing kangaroos was the money shot the TV cameras wanted


We were certainly noticeable in the crowd


And we won! Which means we were always a chance for a photo or 2 with a smiling player. Thanks Thomas Edgar!


He is tall by the way. But he was standing next to some fairly short volleyballers.


Thanks heaps to Deb for organising us all to get down there. We had a great time!


Can’t wait for the Sydney round, coming up on 5th/6th July and then the finals on 11th & 12th July!

See you there!

SVL 2014 Round 2 Update

June 15, 2014

A tougher day for the club in round 2. Plus a div 1 women’s derby.

Honours Men Black went down in 5 to UNSW
Honours Men White went down 3:0 to Sydney Uni
Honours Women went down in 5 to UNSW
Div 1 Men went down 3:1 to Dragons
Cougars & Cubs beat the Div 1 UTS Women 3:1
Div 2 women won 3:1 over Sydney North
Div 1 Women UTS SS won 3:0 over Illawarra
19 Men went down 3:0 to Sydney West K
19 Women SS 4 went down 3:0 to Sydney North
19 Women SS 5 went down 3:0 to UNSW
16 Women UTS SS 7 beat SS 8 3:0
16 Women UTS SS 6 beat SS 5 3:0

Full results for the round can be found here:

Honours Women (from Wendy)
Round 2 was disappointing we lost 3-2 against UNSW. We started off poorly, just could not pass a ball or get any sort of rhythm. We struggled in the first set which we lost 25- 15, had trouble siding out. After good pep talk from the coach girls started playing own game. Good consistency of passing really helped a lot to utilize our team height in front court. We had some good hitting through the middle and outside / universal hitters. Sticking to our game plan is all we needed, to boost the girls spirit. Fourth set we started off a bit shaky once again, better passing but the hitters couldn’t not finish the point as UNSW defense were unstoppable. Few highlights from that set great pick up by Caroline, which caused an overpass for me to crank the ball in the 3 meter line. Awesome hits from the outside hitters. Unfortunately we lost the 4th set, which took us to fifth set.
Fifth set we lost concentration with too many errors and we managed to come back at the last couple of points. By then it was too late we had lost the game. Our main focus for the next round we need to start stronger as a team and also remember to move our feet.

Div 1 Women Cougars & Cubs ( from Jo)
Cougar and Cubs faced the might of Keith Suckling’s “training” div 1 team at round 2 of SVL on Sunday. After a little bit of trash talk through the week on facebook (and no, not from myself and Sucky), it was time to see what each team had and who would come out on top.
The first 2 sets saw us punish the training UTS team with strong serving, accurate passing and smart hitting/tipping options from the Cougars and Cubs. Before we knew it we were up 2 sets to nil, winning 25-16, 25-15.
Coach Sucky must of said some stern words between sets to his team, as the 3rd set saw an improvement from his team, especially in serving and defense and we lost that set in a very close one 24-26.
The 4th set was also extremely close and could of gone either way, but the experience of the Cougars and the strength in blocking and hitting from our middle ‘cub’ hitters proved to be the difference, winning this set and the match 25-23 in 4 sets.
So, 2 wins from 2 games and the “non training” Cougars & Cubs are off to a flying start to the SVL season!
Oh & shots tally is
Jo – 1
Yoshi – 1

Div 1 Women (from Sucke)
Our team had a relatively slow start in this game and dropped the first 2 sets to the Cougars & Cubs fairly quickly & cheaply.  Set 3 saw us start to put some of the things we have worked on into practice and we produced some really good volleyball, which we then continued with into the 4th set.  While we did eventually go down in 4, we were really happy with our play for the second half of the game and we know that we can still get better. Hopefully that training advantage will kick in next time around.

Junior Boys (From George & Clara)
This week our Div 2 Men had a bye, whilst our U19’s had another early start, due to a duty at 9am. The U19’s played against a much taller SWV-Khalsa and although we did a lot of scrambling in the back court, we weren’t able to keep up with them when it mattered. Many thanks to Deb and Nam for our brand new uniforms, our boys look great on court and are wearing them very proudly!
UTS-U19M def by SWV-Khalsa, 20:25, 23:25, 14:25

UTS U19 Junior Boys Team (with a few fill-ins from the Div 2 team)

UTS U19 Junior Boys Team (with a few fill-ins from the Div 2 team)

Side By Side: Volleyball In Australia

June 14, 2014

One of our up and coming junior players, Matthew Jigalin, put together this video as part of a school project. It features several members of the club.

Great work Matt!