News from SVNSW – Feb 2014

February 17, 2014

SVNSW logoState Volleyball NSW shared their February 2014 update.

A few interesting things in there…

  • The indoor junior program working towards the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships to be held in Canberra in July needs to fill a few coaching positions if you are interested
  • Advisory panels are being set up to look specifically at junior development (10-14yrs), elite athletes (U15-U23), and coaches & course presenters.
  • An eNewsletter from SVNSW is coming, to be started in March
  • An updated calendar is now on the SVNSW website –
  • The Renault National Beach Volleyball Series will be visiting Cronulla for it’s final round of 2013/14 from 27th February with finals on the 1st & 2nd of March.  They are calling for some help in putting on this event, but it is totally worth getting down there to watch!

We encourage the wider volleyball community to get involved with these.

For further details please take a look at the full update here: SVNSW EO Update 170214


Pre-Season Moves Indoors

February 10, 2014
Mats. Good for many things.

Mats. Good for many things.

Following some less than ideal weather for being on the beach…despite what our Beach expert Gregor told us… we will be moving the pre-season sessions indoors to Sydney Boys High.

Sessions will continue from now up until when trials start on the 25th of Feb.  So we have 2 more weeks inside.

Venue: Sydney Boys High, Cleveland St, Moore Park
Time: 6:30pm to 9pm

Coaching Workshops for 2014

February 9, 2014

As UTS have done several years in a row now, UTS Volleyball club will run a coaching workshop for its coaching group prior to the season getting going. The sessions will focus on skill models, error identification/ correction, use of statistics and other topics.

UTS volleyball extends the invitation to other NSW coaches (state & club) to attend, although please get in touch with us at to confirm your attendance.

The sessions will be held at Multi-Purpose Sports Hall at UTS Broadway at the following times:
– 15 Feb 6-10pm,
– 22 Feb 1-5pm,
– 1 Mar 1-5pm

Timeout in 4th set with Coach Aaron Leo

Do players ever look like this during timeouts?

From Ben – An AJBVC 2014 Report

February 9, 2014

Australian Junior Beach Volleyball Championships
13th-16th January 2014 – Glenelg SA

For what seems to be the first time, NSW Volleyball took a squad of 13 pairings to compete at the annual AJBVC in Glenelg. Arriving 2 days earlier to prepare for the distinctive weather conditions that Adelaide had to offer, we admired the abilities of Australia’s’ greatest beach volleyballers competing in the finals of the Renault National Tour. Just watching the two gold medal matches proved to be a tough endeavor as we sat there with our free melting movenpick ice creams under whatever shade we could steal from the person next to us. However, with the temperature rising into the high 30s, it was essential for a quick dip in the water after every serving of ice cream we could manage to get.

Moving on to our accommodation, a bunkhouse set in a holiday park on West Beach provided for an action packed venue for card games and no tennis. Mainly so that we could focus on the sport we travelled to play. Nevertheless, Adelaide ashored us that sleepless night would be well ahead of us as the fans that sounded like a mix between a kid clicking away at an all night game of counterstrike on his computer and higher pitched sighs from what seemed to be a woman’s voice. In addition, once Mr. Jones figured that all the fans must have been switched to the winter setting, we rogered what he said and had much cooler nights. The only other problem everyone seemed to have from the bunkhouse was the lurking smell from the boardwalk to the kitchen. It initially started on the first day we arrived after Nam and I picked up the groceries from the Woolworths delivery. After dropping them off at the communal tables outside our room, I think Nam dropped something… wet, in addition to the groceries, that probably lingered and worsened in smell as the days went on. Besides all that, it was actually fantastic being located just next door to everyone else in the NSW squad as it not only brought upon a team vibe amongst everyone, but there was no hesitation in support between pairings when one pair had a games break. Especially when going for a quick dip and swimming around the pier a day after a shark siting, it was great having someone else’s support reassuring you that there were no sharks, even though I lurked beneath grabbing the feet of the overtly nervous Michelle Slack-Smith and 13-15 y.o girls. Regardless, that set up for accommodation is what I look forward to again.

Moving onto the championships itself, our pre-tournament was cancelled do to the clash of organisation between the national Tour and Volleyball SA. It was probably better not to play as there were no restrictions about play in the heat for that tournament. Starting off on the Monday, earlier than expected due to the heat (wake-up 5:15am, game 6:30am) 5 NSW teams ventured over to the beach and won four of those five matches. A bit of a difference to the first day of National juniors for indoor where every NSW team lost their first match. Anyway, due to the heat, games were reduced to first to 15 points each set with first to 12 in the third. At 6:00 am that day the temperature was already 29 degrees. By 9:30am the temperature had risen to 35 degrees and all current games were completed and play was stopped until 6:00pm when the temperature had cooled. For the next three days of competition, all games started at 6:00am which meant for NSW players playing in the first or second timeslot, a 4:45am wake up call was needed. To worsen things, games were reduced to first to 12 points in the first two sets then first to 9 in the third as games were going overtime from the Monday and the organisers could not fit in all available times due to the heat restrictions. This also meant play would cease around 9:30-9:45 when spectators or players for that reason could no longer see the ball and air swings on serves became a common occurrence.

For my own pairing with Brad Wall, a beach player from Manly, this meant the earliest wake up call for each day, including the last day after we didn’t make playoffs so that we could support the other teams. In a slightly delusional state (due to the lack of sleep, around 5 hours each night after I overcame the heat of my bed) everything became funny, even Nam farting on me. It was a shame though when NSW only had 1 team in a medal playoff after 3 pairings were knocked out the day before in essential quarterfinals. However, Mariafe and Nikki won the Gold in the u/23s women division. Well done girls!

Overall, it was an extremely enjoyable week, and probably my favourite trip behind indoor junior nationals Perth 2010. And in a week where the playing time for beach volleyball was reduced due to Adelaide being the Hottest City on earth 16th January, the organisational end of the trip definitely made it so much more than what it could have been so it is much appreciated by myself and all other NSW squad members to Michelle Slack-Smith, Nam Pham, Lucas Carroll, Roger Jones, Marcos (Baghdatis), Caitlin Cockburn, Gareth Mann and Dieter Rokhamper.

Also a special recap of all NSW teams performances throughout the week:

Bens Pics

Also, I wish all the best to Nikki Laird. A former UTS club member whom was selected as part of the AIS alongside partner Mariafe. Both these girls will be playing on the Renault National tour over the next month and have currently lost the first two events in the quarterfinals. They will be playing in the NSW event at Cronulla on the 28 February – 2 March and any support goes a long way!!

Lastly I will leave you with one quick tip. PLAY BEACH!




From Nikki

February 9, 2014

Nikki & Mariafe Win Third Round Of Pro Beach Tour!

Mariafe and I landed in Scarborough beach, Western Australia for the third round of the national tour last Thursday with redemption in mind. We managed to top our pool in both rounds previous and just couldn’t pull the trigger when it came to the single elimination rounds bowing out with two 5th’s! We got our draw midday on Friday and realized that if this event was going to be the one for us to breakthrough in, we were going to have to battle from the start. We had arguably 2 of the strongest teams in Australia in our pool. We managed again to top our pool by the end of Saturday beating both teams in tough 3 setters. Heading into the single elimination round we were both anxious about previous tournaments but had the utmost confidence in our teams abilities and the way we had been playing through the tournament so far. We won our quarter final which put us into super Sunday for the first time this year! This was the first finals day I have been a part of for 2 years as I was injured for most of last year, making it all the more sweater. I was asked by the commentator at the end of the match if making the finals was enough to which I answered, ‘no way’. We took on one of the teams from our pool play again in the semi final and won another long 3 set match to put us into what would be our first gold medal match on the national tour as a team. We faced the number 1 team in Australia in the gold medal match, who currently are ranked number 9th in the world! We managed to lose the first 8 points of the match in possibly one of the most shaky starts to a game I’ve been a part of! I have no doubt that the majority of the crowd was expecting a white wash. We found our feet mid way through the set and brought the score up to a semi respectable 20-17 before losing the first set 21-17. The second set was much more like a gold medal game style of match. We went point for point all the way to the end where we took it out 21-18. The third set was the business end. We kept our cool talking mainly about what we needed to control on our side of the net and being patient about our skills coming off eventually. We battled point for point again until a net dribbler gave us 3 match points. We took out the set 15-13 in one of the most exciting wins of my career so far! The emotion felt at the end of it was something that had been built up over months of hard work and adversity and it felt great for our team to finally break through the hold that Lou and Tee have had on the national tour as the force they are! As nice as it was to win my first national tour, it’s just one of many. The competition will only get stronger and the tournaments harder which means no rest for the wicked. We’re back on the sands all of this week training to back it up this weekend at St Kilda!


Nice tattoos!

Time for Some Pre-Season Beach

January 20, 2014
What goes up...

What goes up…

UTS Volleyball Club will start it’s pre-season training at Maroubra Beach from 28th January.  This will continue weekly until trials start on the 25th of February. Sessions will run from 6:30 to dark.

Sessions will include some activity to get the body moving and a bit of beach volleyball.

Keep an eye on the Facebook group for updates on the day if there are weather issues, as we may relocate to Sydney Boys High.

See you then.




Open Trials for 2014 Announced

January 6, 2014

Dates have been set for 3 open trials for the men’s & women’s senior UTS Volleyball representative Honours and Divisions 1 & 2 teams.

Dates are: 25th Feb, 4th Mar, 11th Mar
Venue: Sydney Boys High

– 25th Feb & 11th Mar
6:30-8:30pm – Women
8:30-10:30pm – Men
– 4th Mar
6:30-8:30pm – Men
8:30-10:30pm – Women

Teams will play in primarily in State Volleyball League, but also State Cups and other tournaments.

Expected commitment of selected players includes attendance at weekly training sessions & payment of fees.
Please only attend if you are serious about playing for the UTS Volleyball in 2014.

Some teamwork at the net from the Men's Honours team

Do you have what it takes to Coach?

January 6, 2014

UTS Volleyball Club is calling for coaching applications for 2014.

Applications should include relevant qualifications and experience, as well as indicating whether you are interested in head or assistant coaching, and which team(s) you have a preference to be involved with.

Please submit applications by 1st February 2014 (the date of the Annual General Meeting) to:

The Secretary
UTS Volleyball Club

You can use the form below if you wish:
UTS Volleyball Coaching Application Form 2014

Morky's hands on hips says it all

Morky’s hands on hips says it all

Junior Boys Program Update: GOLD in Canberra!

January 5, 2014

UTS Junior Boys Gold Medal Point U18 Schoolboys Division at Canberra Good Neighbour

The UTS Junior Boys had an intensive training period led by Artem Ipatyev. Artem took the boys through all the basic skills and techniques, and each session finished with some Russian-style strengthening exercises. The boys kept coming back for more each week, and slowly we could see improvement across all players. Finally a squad of 10 players was selected for competition and the team was entered into 2 tournaments. The first prep tournament was the NSW State Cup #4 and the boys were entered into Division 2 Men. The highlight of the morning was when each player received their very own brand new UTS hoodie.(Thanks Deb!) Talk about pride in wearing club colours! As a new team, it took a while for the boys to combine properly and although they played well in pockets, it wasn’t enough to secure a win during the round robin. The boys played off in the wooden spoon final, and were able to beat the Endeavour Academy to avoid last place. The tournament was a great way for the coaches to test out players in different roles and work on various playing formations. It also gave all the boys a chance to experience the demands of a full day of volleyball. Overall Tally: 3 losses, 1 win and 5th place overall. [Special thankyou to Clara Loth (Assistant Coach) for running between her own games, and helping out on bench whenever she was free, and to Jeff Horn for stepping in as Team Manager for the weekend]

The following weekend we all boarded the UTS mini-bus and headed down to Canberra for our first road trip as a team. We checked into the same hotel where the rest of the club was staying, but even more exciting for the boys was that McDonalds was located underneath… oh dear! On Day 1 the boys made a quick stop at the Volleyball shop and spent all their spending money on new shoes and other gear. We then made our way to the Hockey Centre where the Under 18 Schoolboy Division matches were to be played. Our first game was against Canberra Hornets and we came out firing with a 3:0 win. Our 2nd game was against local school Lyneham Blue, and we continued in great form with another 3:0 victory. Our last game was against BHV Khalsa, who surprised us with us draw. Saturday evening the whole team joined the crowd to support UTSSU, play against AIS in their last round of AVL. For most of the boys, this was their first experience of watching an elite level of volleyball competition, and many were inspired by the great plays demonstrated during the match.

Mens AVL in Canberra: UTSSU v AIS

Day 2 of Good Neighbour started off with another solid 2:0 win against BHV Rippin (2nd Team), followed by one of our best matches of the weekend against BHV Rams (1st Team). The boys played some brilliant volleyball, with massive kills from the outside and middle. The backcourt defence never stopped and everyone hit the deck to save every point. (Thanks to Artem’s defensive work at all of those training sessions, refer video below) We finished the match with a 2:0 win! The last of our round robin matches was against local favourites, Lyneham Gold, but our boys put on another brilliant display of volleyball to outclass the opposition with a 2:0 win! With 5 wins and one draw, the boys made it thru to the Gold Medal FInal against BHV Rams. The final saw all of our boys play at their peak, with some great defence and solid attacking by everyone. We took the Gold medal with a solid 2:0 victory and a fitting end to many weeks of solid training and preparation.


2013 UTS Junior Honorary Team Awards:

#1 Ali Rizarie: Best Captain/Worst Server/Best Passer
#5 Andreas Damouras: Best Rookie Middle & Double Roof Award
#6 Toee Naing: Most Improved & Team Player Award
#7 Louis Johansson: Best Rookie Outside Hitter
#9 Hao Yin: Best Middle playing Libero
#11 Libbee Sukirthan: Best Middle & Unstoppable B-Quicks
#12 Willis Choi: Most Consistent All Rounder
#19 Matthew Jigalin: Best Universal playing Setter
#18 Jarrod Horn: Best Middle playing Setter
#3(L) Laymond Chu: Best Team Motivator & Outstanding Libero

On behalf of all of the boys, we would like to thank the UTS Volleyball Club for commencing a Junior Boys Program and to Deb Chung for all of her kind support. A big thankyou to Artem and Clara for their time as coaches in preparing the team properly. Also, many thanks to Sam Morrison for booking our training venues and organising the mini-bus for our Canberra trip. We also appreciate and acknowledge the support of all of the parents/families of the boys. We will re-commence our training sessions early in the year and we look forward to continuing the Junior Boys Development Program in 2014 and preparing a team for SVL. …Go UTS!

George Jigalin (Coach)

UTS Junior Training at UTS Broadway Multi Purpose Sports Facility: Artem teaching the boys how to dive

President’s Report 2013

January 5, 2014

2013 was a remarkable year for the UTS Volleyball Club. The return to a centralised training environment allowed a better-unified approach to all aspects of the club. This resulted in some great outcomes on and off the court.

The “UTS Sports Club of the Year Award” was a fantastic tribute to all those who have made this a successful season.


Performance in competitions:

The Club competed in all State Volleyball NSW events including the State Cups, Sydney Volleyball League and Junior Metro Comps. UTS combined with Sydney Uni continue to compete in the Senior national elite competition, the Australian Volleyball League. The club also sent indoor teams to the Australian University Games in Gold Coast. There were also several teams that played throughout the year weekly in our self-managed social competition.

Some of the highlights of the competitive season include the following:

EUG’s: Silver Men’s Division one, Bronze Women’s Division one
AUG’s: Silver Men’s Division one, Silver Women’s Division one, 4 Women and 2 Men selected in the Green and Gold teams

Men’s Honours Black: 2013 Sydney Volleyball league (SVL) Champions, (undefeated)
Men’s Honours Whites: 6th
Women’s Honours: 4th
Men’s Division 1: 2nd and 6th
Women ’s Division 1: 2nd
Women’s Division 2: 1st
Junior Girls U19s: 2nd and 3rd
Junior Girls U16s: 3rd

Men’s Honours Black: 2nd
Honours Women: 1st
Division 1 women: 2nd

Men’s Honours Black: 2nd
Honours Women: 2nd
Division 1 women: 2nd

Men’s Honours Black: 2nd
Division 1 men: 2nd
Division 1 women: 4th

Men’s Honours Black: 2nd
Honours Women: 3rd
Division 1 men White: 2nd
Division 1 women: 3rd


Off the Court:

“Club Culture” is highly valued in the volleyball club. We encourage all members to watch and support other teams within the club at all competitions. To encourage the bond amongst our members, a variety of social activities were held throughout the year including the Australia Day Picnic, Trivia Night, Karaoke Night, Pub Catch Ups and End of Season Party,

The return to a centralised training venue and night also greatly aided the “Club Culture”. Members were able to connect with others from different teams and coaches were able to share ideas and support each other.


Goals for 2014:

In 2014 we aim to maintain our status as one of the strongest clubs in NSW and Australia as a whole. UTS Volleyball will continue to provide the highest level of professionalism in all our volleyball programs. From the elite national league player to the social player on a Thursday night, UTSVC will commit to provide an environment where volleyball players can enjoy the sport at their appropriate levels.

To achieve this we have a number of minor goals including:

• Implement a student based beginner to intermediate training camp.

• Maintain and strengthen UTS student involvement in both the club participation and the executive

• Continue the development and implementation of our junior boys and girls program.

• Maintain and if court allocations allow, expand the number of UTS representative teams in NSW competitions

• Compete and improve results in all NSW state cups

• Improve on our Sydney Volleyball League results

• Retain our title of NSW Club Champions

• Continue our participation and improve our results in the Australian Volleyball League

• Retain our club of the year status