Meet The Coach #4 – Honours Women – NAM

May 24, 2011

King of the club, blocker of Marcello, and tamer of wild scotsmen, Nam is the well-known face of UTS Volleyball.  He is a contender for the “Most Unigames Attended” and “Most Pork Crackle Consumed” awards, and has a penchant for organ smashing.
A passionate player and intelligent coach, he put some time aside to answer a few questions about himself.

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Meet The Coach #3 – Honours Men – MORKY

April 28, 2011

Morky is another of the veterans of the club, and after holding on to the sport as a libero once hisbody wouldn’t let him jump, he moved into coaching.  He’s a friendly coach with a good sense of humour, who also knows when to put the foot down.  He like golf and cooks a MEAN bbq!
Morky and his wife Deb are two of the main reasons why the club exists, and it wouldn’t be the same without them

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Meet The Coach #2 – Division 1 Women – PATTY

April 21, 2011

The new gal in town, Patty is one of the fresh faces in UTS Volleyball club, but is no stranger to the sport. She played setter/hitter at the University of Virginia with a full scholarship, something with a lot of players aspire to.  If that’s not enough, she was the captain, and judged MVP for 3 of the 4 years she was there!
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Meet The Coach #1 – Division 1 Men – KEITH

April 14, 2011

‘Sucky’ as he is affectionately called, has been a veteran setter in the men’s honours team for longer than this guy can remember… He’s a stickler for the perfection, which makes him an excellent referee, a intelligent player, and a passable setter.  He is trying his hand in coaching this year, which from where i’m sitting, looks like a great thing!

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