SVL 2011 Recap

Thanks  to Coach Morky for giving us a quick insight into the 2011 season with the Men’s Honours team. 

The UTS Honours team started the year well taking out the first two state cup events in Wollongong and Bathurst. Both wins were great team efforts, coming back from near impossible deficits to take the titles.

UTS alumni, Bart Von Hoff and starting opposite Alex Minchin both departed our shores during the beginning of the year, leaving quite big holes to fill. Lucasz Simonajc and Marc Carroll shared the role of opposite quite successfully. Sam Morrison, who has made his way up through division 1 and played on the honours team for a couple of years now, moved into a starting middle role and flourished. It is easy to say that he is now one of the best middles in NSW.

The shortened SVL season started well with wins against Sydney Uni, SNV & Eagles, before underestimating the talented young (& eventual champion) Vostok team. The team got back on track, defeating UNSW, Baulkham Hills, Dragons and ACT, before losing the last round game to Cedars

After having lost just 2 games during the round games of SVL, the men’s honours team finished the season minor premiers. Having the week off in the quarter finals didn’t work well, as the team went down in the semi final to a determined UNSW. In the bronze medal match, UTS came up against arch rivals, Sydney Cedars, who after having won every SVL that they have entered, were knocked out of the playoff for gold by a determined Vostok team. Sydney Cedars started well inching out UTS  23-25 in the first set. UTS fired back, taking the second comfortably 25-18. The third set see-sawed from start to finish, with UTS taking it 26-24. In the fourth set, Cedars looked tired and could not recover from an early 6 point deficit, UTS taking it 25-19 and winning the game 3:1

Attacking wise, UTS was led by alumni Marc “I want to be a bench player (NOT!)”Carroll in opposite and current UTS student Sam “I have a girlfriend that bakes for me” Morrison through the middle. The sweatiest man alive, Dave Uncle, along with (second sweatiest, palest and second smelliest man alive) Gregor Salvin and  Sheep loving (Luffy lookalike) Rob Fleury also played commendable roles as passer hitters throughout the season. The ever dependable, yet rapidly aging and still smelliest man alive (is he ever gonna retire?) Sucky once again used his magic fingers (if only he could jump and was taller) to put the ball in the right spot for the hitters. Missing muscle freak, Brad “I like to wear a bib” Leesong made a comeback as libero after a major muscle in his shoulder decided to disappear, meaning he was unable to hit (is that why he kept hitting out?!) Maybe he needs to work out a bit more, so his muscles don’t waste away. Last year’s MVP, Constable Carroll was ever reliable through the middle, but probably could have benefited from a good night’s sleep, rather than a night of chasing criminals through our streets before turning up to play. Frenchie (the Italian) could have benefited from showing up more often, but thankfully we did adopt the fine system he put in place, where if a player doesn’t show up for trainings or games, they are fined. Once Frenchie pays up, the club is likely to be very financial for decades to come. Angry Pole, Lucasz, played consistently well and almost beat the crap out of Gregor (why didn’t he do it?) on several occasions after Gregor made inappropriate comments about his choice of partner, his ethnicity, and the size of various parts of his anatomy. Andrew “I’m too old for birthday balls” Lyell played the important role of being anything we were short of and yelling at anyone that deserved it (and sometimes not). The ever broken Bart Vonhoff was sorely missed, as was the even more ever broken Alex Minchin.


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