UTS Honours Men White – the season that never quite was


Morky's hands on hips says it all

Morky’s hands on hips says it all…

UTS Honours Men White – the season that never quite was (from Morky)

With a promising start to the season with wins against Cedars and UNSW in State Cups, UTS White were looking like a formidable opponent heading into SVL. Unfortunately a season filled with injuries, holidays and a pasty white Scottish guy, saw the White team under-perform. Rather than try to out-perform each other on the court, the boys seems to have competitions on who could sustain the worst or most number of injuries, or who could take the longest, most inappropriately timed holiday.

The SVL season started well with wins against Dragons, Eagles, Sydney Uni and UNSW. It was around this time that James “worst haircut of the century” McRae destroyed his knee in a drunken game of volleyball at Uni Games, closely followed by Alex “I think I can play with this” (pointing at a hand that looked more like an elephant’s foot) Gibbons, having his hand destroyed by Igor, followed by Igor “I can out-do both of you” Mileusnic doing damage to his back, shoulder and hand (as well as the destruction of millions of brain cells through the over-consumption of shots). Add to this Steve “I can’t keep my shirt on” Lee, disappearing to Canada, not only missing out on his girlfriend in a drunken pash with Nam at the end of season do, but also missing the last few weeks of the season. Captain Rob “I’m off on a baby making mission to Europe……..with my wife” Fleury decided a five week stint in Europe should be sufficient to sew the seeds of a new volleyball generation. This left the White team with just 6 players for their final game of the season. Unfortunately Gregor “I spend my whole life on on the beach and I am still WHITE!” Salvin was neither injured nor went on a lengthy holiday and thus played every game.

The last game saw an imposing line-up:

  • One old, sweaty, smelly setter (Sucky)
  • One old, sweaty smelly and pasty Universal (Gregor)
  • One young libero (who has issues with whether the girl who’s hand he is holding is his girlfriend or not) who was forced to play Outside (Jason)
  • One Taylor Swift loving middle (Nathan)
  • One inappropriate (in every way imaginable) middle (Kiel)
  • One wannabee setter, don’t wannabee libero playing outside (Doug)

Alas, the game with this awesome line up did not go to plan and their final game saw them lose 3:0

In the end, the team did finish with a respectable 7 wins from 12 games.

Congratulations to:

Jason Laffer – club person of the year,

Rob Fleury – MVP

James McRae – Most improved and bed wetter of the year

Doug Skinner – spew of the year

Nathan Lovett – the Taylor Swift Break up award

Alex Gibbons – drunkest person at the end of season party

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