SVL 2014 Round 3 Update

Round 3 of SVL is now done. How is your team doing?

In the men…
Honours White went down 3:0 to UNSW
Div 1 went down 3:0 University of Sydney
Div 2 beat Eagles 3:1
19’s went down 3:1 to Dragons 1

In the women…
Honours went down 3:2 to Manly (MWVA)
Div 1 went down 3:0 to Dragons 1
Cougars & Cubs beat UNSW 3:0
Div 2 beat Eagles 3:0
Santa Sabina 1 went down 3:1 to Dragons 2
In the 19s, Santa Sabina 2 beat Santa Sabina 3 by 3:1
In the 16s, Santa Sabina 5 beat UNSW 3:1,
Santa Sabina 6 beat Santa Sabina 7 3:0, and
Santa Sabina 8 went down 3:0 to Sydney North


Cougars & Cubs (from Jess)
On Sunday the 22nd of June the UTS Cougars and Cubs came up against last year’s SVL div 1 champions, UNSW. It was out first early morning game of the season and we were not sure how our bodies would hold up. It seemed the cold weather was not helping during the first set as everyone was able to get their first serve in but struggled with their second, lucky we were able to hold it together and win the set comfortable 25-17. With some great attacking from Yoshi (lets hit the ball so hard and fast the lines person will miss it) and Nardia (I like having 100 different UTS shirts to wear) on the outside and some big hits through the middle from Cat, Amanda and Kristen we were able to win the second set comfortable 25-12. Although we were 2 sets up we all know UNSW never gives up and loves to take UTS to five sets. Lucky for the cougars and possibly the cubs we were able to hold our game. With coach deb subbing on for Yoshi to play outside (even though she would of preferred to play middle), strong passing from Dani (lets not forgot the loud calls) and Joey spending more time diving on the floor and leaving the setting in Jen’s hands we won the third set 25-19. Although I don’t think we ever warmed up due to the freezing cold weather, it was a successful game. Well-done ladies.

Div 1 Women (From Keith)
An early morning start was too early for some (a lost phone meant a missed alarm…), but otherwise we were all ready to go.  Unfortunately our opponents were also very ready to go. The 3:0 (75:56) scoreline shows that we were beaten pretty solidly, but is perhaps a little unfair.    While we did play some good volleyball in places, we made far too many simple errors on our side of the net.  Work to do for our girls, but we know we can get better.

Div 2 Women (from Kim)
Round 3 of SVL was remarkable good for our Womens Div 2 team. We played 3 sets in total, all of them dominated by ourselves. With both our libero’s not being able to play (Ilk: You are too busy!; Ali: We hope you’re having fun in London!) we got help from Katie who plays for the NSW U17’s. With a strong libero as part of our team we not only started off strong, but we were also able to keep it up till the end. Each team member was able to play a significant part in this game:
Great defence/passing – Katie and Marlene
Nice blocks and great tips – Jali and Irene
Saving tricky balls – Lisa
Powerful attacks – Yulia and Claire
Saving average passes by setting well – Verena
Also: Thanks to Deb and Jess we are now able to put the setting calls into use more frequently!!! 😉 Although we should make sure to ALWAYS call them out LOUD ENOUGH (apologising to Verena!), we did see some quick balls today, smashing middle hits into the floor.
With almost no serving errors (!!!) and a all over great team effort we are looking forward to our next round, where we hopefully can show off again! GO UTS! WHITE SHIRT SUPERPOWER!
Results Womens Div 2 UTS against Eagles:
1st set – 25:7
2nd set- 25:16
3rd set – 25:8


Junior Boys (from George & Clara)

This week both of our Junior teams took out their gleaming new white tops for the first time. First up, our U19 Men played against Dragons 1 and put up a really good fight, with even one set going point for point past 25:25 and giving our young boys a taste of some nailbiting tough volleyball. Eventually we went down in 4 sets to a more consistent Dragons team, but we left the court with our heads held high knowing we played some good volleyball this week. Special mention of our new ‘setter-in-training’ Khyle Blando, who did a great job playing setter for the first time and to our new ‘super-libero’ Matt Rennie, who did great playing his first match as a defensive backcourt specialist. Well done boys, you did your team and parents proud. Also, a big thanks to all of the parents who came to cheer the team on… we really appreciate your support!

Clara gives the U19's Junior Boys a big rev-up during a critical timeout

Clara gives the U19’s Junior Boys a big rev-up during a critical timeout

In the 2nd match, our Div2 Men played against the Eagles with a battle of the cousins ‘Le v Le’ on opposing sides. (Danny vs Richard) We came out strong in the first 2 sets playing some great volleyball, but lost a bit of focus in the 3rd and then managed to regroup in the 4th set, to take out the match for our first win of the season! Special mention of our new passer-hitter-libero and all-round nice guy, Jon Yaw for bringing his enthusiasm and great spirit into the team and we welcomed back Samuel Tifa to the middle, after his recovery from a neck injury a few months ago. Great teamwork all around boys and congrats on your first win of SVL!

Div 2 Juniors inspired by their idol Alberto Flamigni, for this shot in their new off-court gear

Div 2 Juniors inspired by their idol Alberto Flamigni, for this shot in their new off-court gear

After the match we handed out some of the players’ kit including our new polo-shirts and training tops, and proudly posed for some team pics in our new outfits. Thanks again to Deb, Nam & UTS for spoiling us with all the new UTS clothing… how good is it to play for a club that looks after its juniors 🙂

UTS-U19M def by Dragons 1, 18:25, 25:16, 26:28, 14:25.
UTS-Div2M def Eagles, 25:18, 25:22, 17:25, 25:17.

UTS Junior Boys Players' Kit including 2 Playing Shirts (Black/White), 2 Training Tops, 1 Polo-Shirt off-court/duty uniform

UTS Junior Boys Players’ Kit including 2 Playing Shirts (Black/White), 2 Training Tops, 1 Polo-Shirt off-court/duty uniform


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